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Entry Level Electrical Engineer

Date Posted: May 1, 2019

Location: Whitby, ON, CA, L1N 5T1

Company: Gerdau

Are you a recent Electrical Engineering grad? Then this is a great opportunity that will provide ample opportunities for further career development.  



The Engineer II will provide  technical coordination and support in the operating and capital expense management processes by initiating and running projects using the capital expense (CAPEX) project process, and equipment monitoring, stabilization and improvements.  through;

  1. Develope and refine engineering procedures.
  2. Process sample and data collection and interpretation.
  3. Implement new technology.
  4. Train and develop technical operations
  5. Conduct Technical Studies to support CAPEX investments.
  6.  Implement  Best Practices.
  7. Supportprocess improvement projects where applicable.
  8. Participate in the development of Annual Action Plans.
  9. Participate in Technical Committee benchmark.



This position serves in an advisory or consulting capacity having no direct reports, rather serves as a coach to all levels of employees, contractors and plan management. The Engineer II will actively participate in the technical development for Engineer I and maintenance personal. This position has direct responsibility for specific projects with low to medium complexity and values up to $500,000.


1.Collect, correlate, and report operational information/data for their assigned projects.

2.Prepare data sheets, diagrams, flow charts, PAIs, PS, and technical studies for correct and efficient installation and operation of the equipment.

3.Provide preliminary engineering services for department projects and cost justification.

4.Assist in preparing programs for the computer control systems.

5.Review, develop, and improve operation procedures and train personnel in operations improvements.

6.Assist in solving production anomalies in the operations process.

7.Assist with and participate in improvement activities

8.Faciliate training sessions for all employees on the Engineering policies, practices and processes.

9.Assist with the development of the Annual Action Plan


Qualifications for this position include a four year college degree in Engineering combined with up to 3 to 5 years of industrial experience. The incumbent should have a basic knowledge of engineering and construction techniques used in designing and constructing projects.  Successful candidate must be able to apply engineering fundamentals to the continuous improvement efforts of CAPEX and maximize the efficiency of the overall department operation. 


This position reports directly to the senior member of the engineering team, typically an Engineer IV or Engineer V, or the Division Engineering Manager for assignments. 

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