Gerdau’s North American Headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida. Gerdau is the leading company in the production of long steel in the Americas and one of the major suppliers of specialty long steel in the world. With more than 28,000 employees, Gerdau has an installed capacity of more than 25 million metric tons of steel and it is the largest recycler in Latin America, and around the world. It transforms millions of metric tons of scrap into steel every year. 

Gerdau Long Steel North America is a leader in mini-mill steel production and steel recycling in North America, with an annual manufacturing capacity of approximately 10 million metric tons of mill finished steel products.  Through a vertically integrated network of mini-mills, scrap recycling facilities and downstream operations, the company serves customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, offering a diverse and balanced product mix of merchant steel, rebar, structural beams shapes, fabricated steel, flat rolled steel and wire rod.

Gerdau Special Steel North America is an engineered bar producer headquartered in Jackson, Michigan with world class steel manufacturing mills in Jackson, Michigan, Monroe Michigan, and Fort Smith, Arkansas, and metal processing facilities in Huntington, Indiana.

With Engineered steel bar producing capabilities in North America, Europe and Brazil, the Gerdau Special Steel group is the largest supplier of SBQ engineered steel bars to the global automotive and heavy truck industries.  

 "Gerdau is Proud to be Green"

Gerdau is committed to protecting the environment. We are happy to share that 98% of Gerdau's steel comes from recycled scrap metals such as used cars and appliances.  Steel is a sustainable material that can be continuously recycled and never has to end up in a landfill.  We also recycle water and dust used in the steel production process. Gerdau is one of the top 3 recyclers in the United States.