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Scrap Metal Buyer

Date Posted: Apr 6, 2019

Location: Petersburg, VA, US

Company: Gerdau

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The position is primarily responsible for the procurement of retail scrap appropriate for steelmaking. Under the immediate direction of the Director - Raw Materials, the incumbent will be responsible for executing the approved plan to accomplish the objective of minimizing overall billet cost.




This position is primarily responsible for the procurement of retail scrap in an economical and efficient manner.  This position will be responsible for establishing and maintaining effective relations with available suppliers including active solicitation of new supply sources, within assigned region.  The supplier base will include both established retail processors as well as suppliers whose business is conducted on a direct basis at the retail buying facilities as established at Gerdau Ameristeel mill divisions.


This position reports directly to the Director-Raw Materials and has a functional reporting relationship to the Jackson Mill Scrap Operations Superintendent.  The incumbent will coordinate activities with other procurement personnel, Transportation, Melt Shop management, and mill scrap inspection and accounting personnel.


Qualifications for this position include a minimum of three to five years experience in the buying, melting or receiving of steel scrap or similar work experience at an exempt level. In addition, incumbent should possess knowledge of sources and grades of raw materials, along with some knowledge of transportation issues and scrap yard operations.


The incumbent must be a self-starter with the ability to initiate business and must possess strong negotiating, communication, math and problem-solving skills.  Candidate must function effectively both independently and as a member of a cross-functional team.  High ethical standards and a strong work ethic are key attributes. Incumbent will support commercial practices based on established policies to ensure fair, ethical and productive relationships with suppliers.  This position requires travel to complete job duties and maintain an effective network of vendors, mill personnel, and industry organizations.


The incumbent’s primary responsibility is the cost-effective procurement of retail scrap to support the production plans of Gerdau Ameristeel facilities.  Incumbent must stay abreast of current market trends and be aware of regional scrap markets and competitive situations/practices. Requires utilizing a network of sources to understand market activity and determine the needs of the mill/s supplied.


A key responsibility will be to provide information to other members of the raw materials procurement team.  The incumbent will solicit and review competitive alternatives, assess vendor capabilities and past performance, recommend alternative sources for retail scrap and select suppliers based on information gathered.  The incumbent will secure retail scrap based on the specific terms of purchase contracts within established policies and procedures, verify purchase order details, and document vendor performance.


Incumbent will work closely with Transportation to keep them informed of new methods of shipment and carriers that may help minimize overall scrap costs.  The incumbent will also keep plant and corporate management abreast of changing market conditions.


This position also serves as a liaison between mill personnel and scrap suppliers.  This position will provide commercial information used in analyzing melting and inventory requirements. Incumbent must remain aware of any changes in melting schedules or blends that will impact scrap requirements, and will assist the Director - Raw Materials in taking appropriate remedial steps needed to support operations in response to changing market conditions.  The incumbent must be familiar with basic melting requirements at the mill in order to know the effect of different grades of scrap, relative to billet chemistry specifications.


As required, the incumbent will inspect and address scrap quality issues that arise at the mill site. May be required to educate and communicate specifications, commercial terms/conditions, and safety and environmental compliance requirements to vendors, shippers, and inspection personnel.


Incumbent must be knowledgeable in the computer systems and procedures used to receive, handle and pay for scrap throughout the Company and assist in resolving any problems that may arise with vendors.  Candidate must actively coordinate any such issues with appropriate administrative and accounting personnel. 


  1. Primarily responsible for the procurement of retail scrap appropriate for steel making.


  1. Incumbent will maintain effective business relationships with current supplier base and seek out new sources of scrap that will assist in meeting procurement objectives within established policies and procedures.


  1. Incumbent will support commercial practices based on established policies to ensure fair, ethical and productive relationships with suppliers.


  1. Stay abreast of current market trends and competitive situations/practices in order to meet the needs of the mill/s supplied.


  1. Provide information to corporate management, plant management and Transportation to help develop cost avoidance and savings opportunities in the purchase, transportation, processing and consumption of raw materials.


  1. Serve as liaison between plant management, retail scrap suppliers, and the raw materials procurement team.


  1. Review scrap order shipment status weekly and make necessary adjustments to insure timely receipt of goods purchased and proper order application.


  1. Within established policies, resolve discrepancies primarily pertaining to grading, weight settlement, order application, and other disputes with vendors and mill personnel.  Issues must be resolved tactfully to maintain sound and effective relationships.


  1. May be required to educate and communicate specifications, commercial terms-and-conditions and safety and environmental compliance requirements to shippers and plant personnel.


  1. Candidate must maintain computer literacy in procurement systems, with proficiency in company scrap information systems and other business applications.


  1. Recruit new supply sources for retail scrap in the local regional market.


  1. Responsible for understanding effect of different grades of steel on billet chemistry specifications.


Nearest Major Market: Richmond

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