Continuous Improvement Specialist

Date: Jun 11, 2024

Location: Midlothian, 80461, US, 76065

Company: Gerdau


Support the company and employees to find ways to simplify, stabilize, improve and/or innovate routines and processes aiming to achieve superior results in the most significant areas.

Provide the company and employees with methodology expertise, training and solutions that support their needs for leveraging results, and be the steward of the methodologies and tools.


Typically Reports To: Local Leadership Position             

Level of Supervision Exercised

Process/Project Leader without direct reports – project or process owner responsible for organizing and coordinating work of others to achieve common results in a collaborative manner, providing guidance to others, but without formal authority to hire, conduct performance management or terminate others.


Number of Reports

This position has no direct or indirect reports.


Freedom to Act / Level of Supervision Received

Results Review – Operating within practices and procedures covered by precedents or well-defined policies and review of end results.


Financial Responsibility

                Annual Budget                 Variable               Department budget at a location

                Annual EBITDA                 < $25 M                Contribution within Cells/Departments


Participate in a project across multiple locations with low complexity and a return up to $250K.




Work with leaders to identify gaps and/or opportunities for improvements.

Lead, participate or support critical projects.

Provide training, coaching and expertise on methods and tools to support employees’ development.

Conduct data analysis for Internal research of opportunities for improvement.

Pursue process simplification and better productivity.

Support the achievement of results by using a current or tailored method and or quality tool.

Provide guidance where needed.

Coordinate Annual Action Planning & EBITDA deployment.

Manage & support use of Six Sigma, QIS, iThink, and Ideas.

Learn and apply/transfer knowledge about Lean Concepts and Tools when needed.

Manage budgets & control costs to approved figures.

Support the use of process stabilization and routine management.

Coordinate/support ISO, QS, TS processes.

Provide software administration and training (PRG, QIS, GMR, Ideas, PRISM, etc.)



The requirements listed below are representative of the minimum qualifications necessary at the entry to this role and critical for the satisfactorily performance of essential duties. The education credentials must be earned from an accredited school/college/university.


Associate’s Degree       Engineering, Business Administration, or related fields or 2-4 years of applicable experience        Required

Bachelor’s Degree         Engineering, Business Administration, or related fields or 2-4 years of applicable experience        Preferred



Certified Quality Process Analyst                           Preferred

DMAIC Green Belt                          Preferred

Lean Certification                          Preferred

Project Management (PMP)                      Preferred


Work Experience

1 – 2 years          Practical training pertaining to business systems use, quality tools, lean manufacturing, and some statistical analysis           Required



Demonstrate a basic knowledge of improvement methods (PDCA, DMIAC, TPM, Lean, Project Management, ISO/TS/QS, etc.) and quality tools (including problem-solving software)            Required

Possesses a working knowledge of steel manufacturing, fabrication methods / techniques, and supporting areas of the business (Commercial, People, Finance, IT, etc.)              Required


Core Expectations

In order to successfully perform the essential functions of this job, the individual must possess the following skills and be able to: Come to work on a regular basis, Act in a safe manner, and Work effectively with others as part of a team.

 Job Specific Skills and Abilities





Establishes an environment where people listen, respect and show interest in other`s views and ideas.        

Attentively listen, speak, and write effectively; ascertain two-way dialogue and understanding of the message.

Leverages success and failures as a growth opportunity and shares what is learned with others.

Maintain positive attitude when dealing with difficult situations and people.

Champions difficult conversations to prevent an environment of ‘false harmony’.

Routinely allocates time to solicit and discuss others‘ perspectives  on issues




Relate to others with friendliness and service-oriented approach including a sensitivity and awareness to other people and cultures.


Simplicity and Austerity             

Focuses on few and relevant goals that will make the most difference in the business.

Recognize and attend to important details with accuracy and efficiency.

Simplifies processes by removing obstacles, taking into consideration the cost/benefit impact.         

Methodical and rigorous work habits (safety and quality driven while focused on productivity)

Identifies simple and effective solutions and work responsibilities to find quick solutions.     

Seeks to reduce/eliminate complexity and/or rework in processes, costs and controls.            


Deliver Superior Results            

Regularly reviews performance against set targets, striving to deliver goals beyond the expected.

Document and illustrate ideas, including creating tables and graphs.

Mobilizes necessary resources to achieve consistent results, being mindful of simplicity and austerity.

Provide courteous, high-quality, and timely service when addressing customer questions and concerns.

Inspires people to drive for results, seeking superior performance levels.

Sort through numerical information and recognize trends and details identifying problems in data.

Makes business decisions that positively affect the results both short and long-term.

Design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within an allotted budget and timeframe.

Focus on few relevant goals that will have the highest impact on  business results

Identify areas of risk/concern in area of responsibility


Create Value for Customers     

Operates with customer focus going beyond their expectations.

Perform basic mathematical calculations.

Proactively communicates to understand customer’s goals and anticipate their business needs.

Identify needs and opportunities, and develop action plans to address assuming personal responsibility for actions.

Builds sustainable, long term 'win-win' relationship based on trust and respect.          

Innovates services and products in order to add value to the customer's business success.  




Promotes meritocracy by giving fair recognition considering established goals.           

Coach others in the development of their skills.

Develops leaders through investing time, thus preparing them for current and future challenges.

Maintain a productive climate and confidently motivate, mobilize, and coach employees to meet high performance standards.

Seeks team engagement through the construction of a common purpose.      

Display assertiveness and high level of self-confidence while possessing a high degree of initiative.

Fosters commitment by giving honest and respectful feedback that motivates the team to stretch strengths.               

Capable to provide training at all levels of the organization, with the ability to translate data into information, and concepts into practical applications.

Gives promotions and assignments based on capability and readiness.           

Provides hands-on support, rather than criticizing, helping others to learn during a task.         


Empowerment with Accountability      

Accountable when a commitment is broken and seeking to repair.      

Apply information and data to solve problems and answer questions.

Empowered to pursue the company's goals, instead of waiting to receive orders, never "delegating upwards."               

Quickly learn new systems and technology using relevant computer system applications at an intermediate level

Willing to pursue new challenges, sees change as a continuous process, which generates growth.    

Demonstrate excellent judgement and decision making skills.

Makes decisions according to the company interests, before considering his/her own functional area or Market.

Approach responsibilities proactively.

Work constructively under stress and pressure when faced with high workloads and deadlines.

Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

Adapt to changing conditions and work assignments.




Inspires and engages people through a collaborative attitude in the workplace.           

Communicate ideas clearly, concisely, accurately and logically.

Encourages the exchange of knowledge, insights and best practices to maximize the results of Gerdau.         

Work in a fast-paced and dynamic matrix structure environment.

Promotes a work environment that facilitates building relationships for mutual gain.

Extract important ideas from written words, graphs and tables.

Fosters teamwork generating synergy between areas and/or across the organization.

Collaborate with others in a professional manner while attempting to achieve a common goal.

Change agent that thrives in a matrix management environment.

Seek to acquire knowledge in area of specialty.




Work Environment

X             Combination of Production and Office Environments


Travel Requirements

Estimated Travel Amount as % of Overall Work Time of Up To                  20%

Brief Description

Candidate must be able to travel up to 20% of the time interacting with cells/departments/other locations.

Nearest Major Market: Dallas
Nearest Secondary Market: Fort Worth