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Fulfillment Analyst - Management Associate

Date Posted: Jun 14, 2019

Location: Tampa, FL, US

Company: Gerdau




The responsibility of this position is to support the Sales area by managing data related to the order promising and backorder processing processes. The consistency and accuracy of the data used by these processes are crucial since the result of the promised dates and quantities to customer requests will result in the perceived customer service related to order promising.


The incumbent will deploy analytical processes to continuously adjust and update Master Data. 

A good understanding of the Business Division order promising characteristics and assumptions is required in order to continuously translate these business rules into system parameters and data for sale order request. From a master data perspective this includes but is not limited to customer prioritization parameters, market priorities, customer groups and horizon rules. From a transactional data perspective this also includes but is not limited to current inventory levels, sales backlog, production orders, transfer orders that are updated from the transactional system.





Products:                      6 product lines





The Fulfillment Analyst has a key role in adjusting the order promising rules in the order promising system as well as overseeing system jobs execution and results. Since the promised dates and quantities to each customer order are generated by this system, the consistency, quality and feasibility of this promise is directly dependent on the quality and availability of data, the consistency of the system parameters and job runs. The system parameters must translate business rules to the order promising engine. Examples are product priority, customer priority, resource availability and product typology (make-to-stock/make-to-order). Data consistency is more related to activities of checking if the available to promise quantity in the order promising system reflects the exact quantities in the execution (ERP) system.


Another key aspect is to guarantee that the most current transactional data is available for order promising system. Examples are current inventory, current sales backlog, production plans and schedules, transfer plans, and schedules, among others. This integration between the order promising system and the execution system is guaranteed by a continuous maintenance and monitoring of the interface between these two systems. 


To enable a good visibility and understanding of business rules related to order promising, the Fulfillment Analyst will contribute in sales quota definition meetings and fulfillment management meetings. The incumbent will also support the Fulfillment Manager to prepare the fulfillment management meeting.


The ability to work under minimal supervision, plan activities and execute them effectively is required. Analytical and logical thinking skills and the ability to learn fast is crucial for a good performance on the job. Must be proficient in Excel, PowerPoint and Access.


Candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Engineering, Business Administration, Supply Chain or related field. Master’s degree in Business Administration, Operations Research, or related field preferred.  One to three years of supply chain management experience required and at least one year of experience with SAP APO – Global Available-to-Promise (GATP) preferred. Knowledge of SAP ECC, Sales and Distribution (SD) modules, specifically Order promising functionality is desired.




  1. Manage backorder promising run, analyze results log for any error and consolidate results.
  2. Develop format results to adequate reports for Fulfillment Management meeting
  3. Support Marketing area with the customer prioritization process.
  4. Coordinate the customer prioritization data update with Marketing are to ensure a bulk update of customer records related to Fulfillment Management and order promising.
  5. Assist Fulfillment Manager as needed.
  6. Consolidate reports to support the fulfillment management process analysis.
  7. Guide the integration between transactional system and order promising system to guarantee that required information will be available for order promising process
  8. Coordinate with the Information Technology Competency Center (ITCC) team in the execution and result analysis of data qualitative checking rules and system consistency checking rules.

Nearest Major Market: Tampa